Friday, October 15, 2010

The Encounter

A short story.

 i'm not sure if i've finished... i think i want to continue a little more at the end... to tie up some lose ends...

“Claire! Come on you’ve been in there for hours!”
“Okay! Okay! I’m nearly done!” She calls out above the drumming water of the shower.

And then “...shit!” quietly to herself as she runs the razor over her knee slicing off a neat slither of skin. Bright red blood streaks away with the falling water revealing the tiny white slice in her knee. “Shit, shit, shit!” Shaving and hurrying are not good companions.
She turns the shower taps off and wraps herself up in two towels, one for the body, one for the hair.

“Bathroom’s free Anna!” she calls as she exits through a cloud of steam.
“Shit your knee!” Anna says to her as they pass in the hallway.

There is a streak of blood running from Claire’s knee right down the front of her shin. She dashes into her bedroom and attacks the shaving wound with a box of tissues. She looks at the clock. Five thirty two. That’s okay. Still plenty of time. She presses play on her stereo.

Right so what to wear? She hates this bullshit. Why she’s agreed to go on this date she’s not quite sure. Anna and Jacob and their bloody meddling. Oh but it might be fun, or so Anna keeps telling her. She goes over to her wardrobe but catches sight of herself in the mirror. Her leg is a mess.

She sits on the edge of her bed. She starts to reach for a tissue from the box on her bedside table but changes her mind and opens the top drawer instead. She knows she shouldn’t, not now, but she does anyway. She reaches in and grabs the small metal framed photo of her and Pete from that last summer before chemo.

Read the rest of the story here .

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