Thursday, October 8, 2009

i can open a page.
i can read what they think i think i want.
i think i want to change the subject,
to find a spot where i'm comfortable,
hold it steady, keep my eye on the target.

Don't be so fucking predictable.

Don't lose your balance
don't lose your mind
lose a little fat and you'll feel fine
lose some more and you'll feel better
but if it comes back to find you, it'll drag you through the gutter.

Don't be so fucking vain.

So close the pages. Don't read anymore,
change the subject, listen to the radio,
let the voices soar.
If you make it loud enough you might find the spot where you're comfortable
where you're steady, hold it steady, keep your eye on the target.

Don't look down now, the future is below you.

Don't think about it
because it will only harm you,
don't sit there staring, not thinking will kill you,
we're all slowly dying, it's fucking pathetic,
just go and do something or you'll die to regret it.

Don't look away now or you'll never get it.

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